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Legal Advocacy 

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LPA Workshops


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Guided by our principle "It's About What's Right," we strive to overcome barriers to justice. Supported by esteemed solicitor Yvonne Hossack, our charity offers free aid in legal matters, ensuring access to justice for those facing financial challenges in decisions related to care funding and state benefits. Additionally, our self-help workshops equip you with the knowledge to effectively advocate for yourself.

Cafe & Sensory Room

Welcome to our tearoom with a unique purpose. Enjoy our extravagant afternoon tea while supporting free legal assistance for the vulnerable. Each indulgence aids advocacy for those struggling with red tape and regulations. Your private booking contributes to supporting more people with benefits applications. We're not just a tearoom; we're a community center, catering to families affected by neurodivergent conditions. Whether for afternoon tea, special occasions, or organized events, your patronage empowers the voiceless. Secure your spot in our Victorian Tearoom or Sensory Dining Room for a meaningful experience.

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