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The Lawyer & The Nurse's Victorian Tearoom

How Kettering 'cafe with a purpose' is helping the most vulnerable

Kettering has many cafes, but none of them are quite like The Queen Kayley Victorian Tearoom - where profits will be used to help fund legal work for those who need it most.

Mum sues school over staff's 'nasty' remarks on daughter's tracheostomy tube

A mother has launched legal action against a school after staff accidentally recorded themselves saying her daughter’s tracheostomy tube 'made them feel sick' on Facebook Live.

Ethical social care legal firm launches in Kettering

A new legal firm aiming to get justice within the social care system has launched in Kettering, combating the inequities and mysteries of obtaining funding when those vulnerable need help the most - and taking them through the quagmire of rules, procedures, and obstacles.

Mother's fury after three school staff accidentally recorded themselves making 'cruel' jokes about her 6-year-old daughter's tracheostomy on Facebook

The three were talking about Willow Musgrave and her life-saving tracheostomy helping her breathe, one saying it made her feel 'queasy'.

Mum's fury as teachers make cruel jokes about disabled six-year-old on Facebook Live

The three female members of staff laughed about the child without realising that their conversation was being recorded on Facebook Live and has since been seen by more than 12,000 people

Willow Musgrave
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