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Sensory Room

"The Lady Poppy Anna Sensory Suite": a dedicated space created by Nicki, a seasoned

Mental Health Nurse. Inspired by her work with diverse vulnerable groups, Nicki recognized

the need for a tranquil area where families struggling to find a comfortable space outside

their homes could gather.


This sensory haven is softly lit with sensory lights, rope lights, and bubble tubes, creating a soothing atmosphere tailored for neurodivergent guests. The carefully curated environment aims to minimize the likelihood of meltdowns, ensuring understanding and non-judgment for anyone who may feel overwhelmed.


Families can find solace in this safe space, where sensory elements contribute to a peaceful and inclusive experience.


Private Hire

Whether you're planning for a regular group, a one-time event, or a quiet space for an individual,  our flexibility is here to meet your needs with understanding and inclusivity.

Sensory Room Hire:

  • £10 p/hour

  • Recommended max. for space is 8 people​​

Available for groups and classes

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