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The Lawyer, The Nurse, And The Team

Adam and Nicki met while working at the same law firm - being the Head of Civil Litigation and clinical lead on applications for Continuing Healthcare Funding respectively - before joining forces to create TL&TN. We now stand together as a small team of five who are willing and committed to creating a permanent source of help.

A gif of Adam, The Lawyer.

Adam Cresswell - The Lawyer

He / Him

Before The Lawyer and The Nurse met, Adam was studying law after graduating from the University of Liverpool at the College of Law of England and Wales’s Birmingham campus - then following up with the Bar Vocational Course at the same institution in London. Adam then went to work for the Crown (CPS) in Worcester before returning to civil law within a family firm in Corby, where he was employed as Head of Civil Litigation, and later became a Director and shareholder in the firm. He remained at the firm for over a decade before leaving to establish The Lawyer & the Nurse. 


Adam has always had a lot to say! His strengths lie in his knowledge of health and social care law and regulations, which is underpinned by his strong advocacy skills. The part of his work that he most enjoys is assisting families with applications before NHS England’s Independent Review Panels, or indeed any tribunal setting where there is an argument to be made out for what is right as opposed to what the Government wants to pay.  

Never try to call Adam on a Sunday morning as he religiously listens to The Archers omnibus - and despite Ambridge being a fictional village, he insists that he will retire there some day. Adam will also say that he likes to collect antiques, though his children (18 and 21) regard these the same way they do him - 'dusty and tacky'.  

Nicki Slawson - The Nurse

She / Her

When Nicki qualified as an RMN (Registered Mental Health Nurse), her first post was at St Andrew's Hospital in Northampton. She then additionally continued to work alongside Adult Social Care teams of Social Services at two local authorities - having also worked many clinical roles within various Clinical Commissioning groups. Her experience of Continuing Healthcare is second to none, and the knowledge that Nicki brings to cases is invaluable. Her ability to communicate and advocate clients’ positions have their foundations on an impressive depth of medical and regulatory knowledge.

Nicki has a passion for working with those who have learning disabilities/difficulties and caring for the elderly, currently having input in the investigation of deaths in those with Learning Disabilities. She has taken part in hundreds of assessments for Continuing Healthcare Funding, representing the NHS Clinical Commissioning Groups - but also undertaking the same assessments representing applicants and their families.  

Nicki is a mother of 5 having been blessed (?) with triplets and twins, which she raised on her own whilst completing an Institute of Legal Executives course. She has a lot of love and compassion to give, but whether this is primarily going to her frenchie Walter and crossbreed bulldog Milo, her grandchildren, or her shoe collection... is a mystery...

A gif of Nicki, The Nurse.
A gif of Poppy, The Business Director.

Poppy Harrison - The Business Director

She / Her

Poppy is the eldest (by 5 days) of Nicki’s triplets, having inherited her mother’s zeal for justice and reform. She studied applied forensic science, gaining a triple distinction star in her studies, whilst working in a firm of solicitors specialising in criminal law. Having now gained additional qualifications in legal accounting, Poppy hopes to help build a successful and compassionate business through joining The Lawyer & The Nurse that brings reform in addressing the injustices and cultural problems within the care system and the NHS.

She has a 4-year-old daughter called Lily that loves arts and crafts, and has a habit of naming every animal she meets 'Biscuit'. You can instantly feel Poppy's care for others and those in need, not just through her work, but through her passionate, warm, and endearing personality. Outside of helping Lily with her collection of artistic endeavours, Poppy loves crystals, incense, tarot, and the more mystical side of life.

A gif of Merle, The Marketing Director

Merle Orr - The Marketing & Social Media

He / Him

Merle oversees our social media, marketing, and press relations on behalf of The Lawyer & The Nurse. He is committed to bringing kindness, stability, and ease, to those vulnerable - having an especially personal understanding of current issues the LGBT+ community face, namely the importance of accessibility to trans healthcare and the protection of LGBT+ youth. Through communications, Merle wants to bring understanding that intersectionality - listening to and projecting the voices and perspectives of those you don't have - is integral to bringing about true systematic change.

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