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NHS Continuing Funding for Adults With Complex Needs

Care Fees & Continuing Healthcare (CIC): Welcome

We believe that individuals with complex needs shouldn't face penalties due to their complexity.


These cases are intricate, and families often receive incomplete or misleading information during the NHS Continuing Healthcare Application process.


Navigating this alone is challenging, so we collaborate closely with families and care providers to build a comprehensive picture of needs, using the same NHS documentation for eligibility assessment.


With in-house expertise, we're best positioned to handle cases of adults with complex needs seeking NHS Continuing Healthcare Funding.


More information is coming, but feel free to contact us for details now.

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Process Overview

Reclaiming Care Fees

If you have paid for care fees and suspect that you should not have, you can ask for a retrospective review of eligibility for Continuing Healthcare Funding. If this is successful, any monies that were paid for care within the review period are refunded.


Connect with us at any stage; clients often start applications, seeking help after difficulties. Whether starting or appealing, call for a no-obligation discussion. Everyone calling receives help and thorough guidance, ensuring a smooth process, whether you're beginning from scratch or facing challenges in obtaining funding.

The Situation Is Urgent

If the applicant for funding has a ‘Rapidly Declining Condition’, effectively an end of life diagnosis, then funding should be awarded and arrangements put in place for their care within 48 hours - known as ‘Fast Track’ funding. If you would like to read more about this, click here.

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