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For Adults

Catered or uncatered options available

Available for rent on an individual basis, providing a private space for those seeking a break away from home.

The Lawyer & The Nurse offer a distinctive setting with a stylish interior, enhancing any

family gathering. Be it welcoming a new member or commemorating well-lived lives, our

venue provides a unique backdrop. Our commitment to accessibility includes a warm welcome

to the neurodivergent community, offering a dining area for a gentler celebration atmosphere,

catering to those who may feel overwhelmed in busy public venues.


At The Lawyer & The Nurse, we believe in the power of personal touches that make gatherings special. All our events can be tailored to reflect the occasion, exemplified by custom-designed Afternoon Teas incorporating elements like couples' first dinners for anniversaries or favorite snacks in loving memory of those cherished.

Type of Events

  • Birthdays

  • Engagements

  • Private Family Functions 

  • Gender Reveals 

  • Baby Showers

  • Christenings

  • Wakes 

Example Menus

  • Catering to diverse dietary needs and preferences

  • Encouraging families to bring their own favorite snacks or meals

  • Licensed Premises

  • Food optional

  • Group drink packages available

Organisations and Business Meetings

​Elevate your business meetings and workshops by choosing The Lawyer & The Nurse as your venue of choice. Our unique space offers a sophisticated yet welcoming atmosphere, perfect for fostering creativity, collaboration, and productivity. Whether you're planning a corporate strategy session, a team-building workshop, or a professional seminar, our adaptable interior and stylish backdrop provide the ideal setting.

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