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100% Cotton - Classic fit that runs true to size - Tear away label

We like moths. There are many cultural and spiritual associations surrounding this (debatably) beautiful insect, which had also been previously regarded as a mysterious creature. 

In Spiritual terms, moths represent virtues and challenges we all face in life; from wisdom and truth to concealment and peace. Moths have the ability to fly through the darkness towards light – symbolising patience, faith and vulnerability. Their ongoing quest for light reflects our pursuit of knowledge, truth and probity in all matters. 


This understated elegant T-shirt was designed by Merlin Orr for The Lawyer and the Nurse is just one of the designs available in our shop. Each sale helps us to provide services to those who cannot afford to pay to access justice. It's also one of Adam’s (The Lawyer’s) favourites.

The Engraved Moth.

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