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VR Therapy


We've teamed up with the incredible VR Therapies - a social enterprise that provides Virtual Reality Therapy to those who have palsies, are in assisted living, have spectrum disorders, and more people in similar situations. For young and old alike, many have already benefitted from such a kind and holistic experience.

With this collaboration, we're planning to bring this fantastic service to Kettering - as our local area has been lacking in any kinds of fun activities for these groups for far too long. As with all of our projects at The Lawyer & The Nurse Community Hub, we desperately want to provide somewhere that not only accommodates but has been specifically built for our disabled communities.

Virtual Reality Therapies

First set up by a truly benevolent nurse in Northampton, Virtual Reality Therapies currently offer an array of inclusive experiences. These range from wheelchair-accessible driving experiences to underwater hydrotherapy sessions, all made possible (and magical) with the help of their specialist team and VR headsets. 


We really admire the services that they provide and are so keen on bringing it closer to home in Kettering. Since reaching out, Virtual Reality Therapies have been fantastic in setting us up to follow in their footsteps, and our partnership is bound to bring more joy to our town.


You can find Virtual Reality Therapies on Facebook, and their website.

The Waterbed

So, what are we going to be doing? Well, to get this all started, we're going to need a waterbed. 

After stepping into our wonderfully funky unit, guests will be invited to lay on our heated waterbed (with lifting aids available to help those with wheelchairs). We'll help secure their VR headset and get the speakers ready for their immersive, relaxing, sensory experience. For visitors with palsies specifically, this (positive properties. what it does for the clients). (more benefits of this service. maybe how we would have this session that isnt even used in VRTherapies northampton, so it'd be even more unique as well?)

To aid our goal of giving Kettering its own mini multisensory center, we have set up a GoFundMe. Any and all donations/shares are greatly appreciated, and we're always thankful for the support we continue to receive from the communities we fight for.

Celebrations For Children

Birthdays, Mad Hatter's Tea Parties, Traditional Roald Dahl Tea Parties, Learning Disability Discos, & all celebrations can be personalised for children as individual as we are.

Celebrations For Adults

Engagement announcements, Parlour Weddings, Wakes, Anniversaries, Birthdays, 
Baby Showers, Christenings, and anything else you'd want a great venue for.


Events For        Groups & Organisations

Neurodivergent & Other Community Group Meetups,  Planning Events, Christmas Parties - hold them somewhere
a bit more unique than usual to treat your colleagues.


Special Events
& Evenings

When evening comes, our tearoom gets it's glad rags on and becomes a truly unique backdrop for some truly unique events. Close-Up Victorian Parlour magic, Psychic Nights, Murder Mysteries, Jazz Evenings, & more.


Victorian Tearoom
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