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At The Yards

The Lawyer & The Nurse

Elegant Fabric

 Special Events

 & Evenings 

We're consistently holding unique events that you just don't usually get in the Kettering area. Aside from wanting to provide the local community with some fantastic nights out, we hold these events as fundraisers - continuing to support the vulnerable with as much accessible, low-cost, and pro-bono legal work as we can. (We're also saving up for some more bubble tubes for our Sensory Room!)

 *All events we hold come with discounted prices for NHS/Care workers. Make sure to get in touch with us and show us your NHS Badge/Blue Light Card/Etc for us to give you an Eventbrite discount code!

If you'd like to save your seat for any event, you can DM us, phone us on 01536 516251,

 email us at, or buy a ticket through Eventbrite.

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Celebrations For Children

Birthdays, Mad Hatter's Tea Parties, Traditional Roald Dahl Tea Parties, Learning Disability Discos, & all celebrations can be personalised for children as individual as we are.

Celebrations For Adults

Engagement announcements, Parlour Weddings, Wakes, Anniversaries, Birthdays, 
Baby Showers, Christenings, and anything else you'd want a great venue for.

Events For        Groups & Organisations

Neurodivergent & Other Community Group Meetups,  Planning Events, Christmas Parties - hold them somewhere
a bit more unique than usual to treat your colleagues.

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Victorian Tearoom
Lamp and Flowers
Elegant Fabric
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