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For Children

For every 10 booked parties, The Lawyer & The Nurse will host a free magical tea party for a deserving young carer. Know a child carer who could use some joy? Let us know!

At The Lawyer & The Nurse, we enchant every experience with a touch of magic.

Step through our enchanted wardrobe into a realm of lights and a sensory wonder.

Indulge in an afternoon tea customized to your preferences. Whether it's a penchant for

beige food, specific cutlery, or a preference for meals crafted by a parent or trusted adult, just

inform us, and we'll do our utmost to ensure a delightful time. Our goal is to be a venue where

every family can find joy.

We are dedicated to embracing all children, irrespective of learning differences and neurodivergent conditions. We understand the challenges of finding suitable venues that cater to specific needs, and we are here to provide a welcoming space for all.


  • Catering to diverse sensory needs and preferences

  • Quiet corners and sensory-friendly seating options

  • Designed to be welcoming for neurodivergent children

  • Inclusive environment for diverse needs

  • Themes and entertainers available (please ask)

Sensory Room

  • Calming environment for sensory experiences

  • Engaging for individuals of all abilities

  • Diverse activities for various sensory needs

  • Provides a safe and welcoming space

  • Opportunities for sensory interactions

Learning Disability

  • Popular with neurodivergent children

  • Low-key event with non-overwhelming music

  • Encourages exploration of movement and dance

  • Sensory dining area for comfort

  • Children under 18 require parent/carer accompaniment; opportunity for adults to socialize

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