Three photos of Adam (The Lawyer) and Nicki (The Nurse) smiling at the camera and each other.

An advocacy service for the elderly, the vulnerable, and anyone in need.

NHS Continuing Healthcare Funding Specialists
Social Care & Benefit Experts (ESA & PIP)
Special Educational Needs Advice


The Lawyer & The Nurse



Our Philosophy

Our motto “It’s About What’s Right” drives everything that we do – from the areas of law and regulation that we provide help with, to the affordability of our services.  We understand that assistance with legal and regulatory areas of life from a firm of solicitors tends to be expensive, and cost is often the single biggest barrier to access justice.  Our vision is to offer a truly independent charitable service that is free to access – and we will get there. 

We have been lucky enough to secure the support of a legendary Solicitor and campaigner Yvonne Hossack, who has agreed to assist us in the setting up of a charity to help us with our work. The as yet un-named charity will meet the cost of appealing decisions not to fund care or award state benefits where the applicant is struggling financially. 

A gif containing Latin quotes, such as ''Let justice be done, so the world won't perish.''

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